Wednesday, 26 February 2014

DIY: Photobooth style magnetic save the dates

Today's post was submitted by Kerry from Lace & Teacups, a bride to be blogging about her wedding planning adventures. These are the save-the-dates that she's made for her wedding and I think they are incredibly cute and super cheap to make too!

Things you will need:

*A ruler
*Glue stick
*Photo paper
*Coloured A4 card
*Printable labels
*Self-adhesive magnetic strip
*Washi tape

Cut the card so that it is 25cm wide
Mark out 7cm sections and fold on the lines

Glue along the edges of 2 of the sections and fold onto each other (creating a pocket) 

Fold over the corners of the remaining section leaving a space, roughly 1cm underneath
Cut off the corner and fold over twice, glueing as you go 
Continue around the top so you have a neat edging of 1cm. The envelope is now done!

Take some photos on your camera or smartphone against a blank wall or make your own backdrop. We used a mini blackboard that I picked up from The Works for our save the dates but you could use any thing you like! We then used an amazing website called Photoboother which allows you to upload your pictures for FREE and it formats it to look like it was taken in a photobooth! So easy! Print onto photo paper and hey presto! 

Cut the magnetic strip into sections and attach to the reverse of your photo. Use the labels to add additional info about the venue etc

Pop into the envelope! 

Use the washi tape as a cute way to seal the envelope! (If putting in the post, I would recommend using glue to seal the envelope first.)
So that's it! Our easy, cost effective Save the Dates in 11 simple steps!!  

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