Sunday, 16 February 2014

DIY: wedding rings

Yes you actually can do this, even if you have no jewellery making experience or indeed no crafty abilities at all! There are lots of artists all over the country that offer this kind of experience, and as well as having something beautiful and personal at the end if it you'll also have had a really fun and interesting day!

The average cost of buying wedding rings is apparently around £700 and I know people spend a lot more on them. But why? They are after all just small strips of metal. But then they are the thing that you will wear forever more (hopefully) so why not splash out? Well I think making your own actually makes it even more special and it costs waaay less than you might think, less than the average spend.
If it's all about saving money then you'd just pop down to Argos and buy a couple of Elizabeth Duke bands, but its not just about that is it...

This was my experience...

"Last year my fiance and I spent the day at my friends studio, she helped us make our own wedding rings and other wedding jewellery.
It was so lovely that we were able to make our own rings, the other half wasn't that interested in wearing a wedding ring but now that he's crafted it himself, he's really rather proud.

The talented lady that helped us was my friend Alison Zwaard who has the best studio in her basement, she runs Handmade in Netheredge (based in Sheffield) and runs some rather lovely courses.

It was great fun, and really not that expensive, the materials came to about £85 (we made a LOT of stuff) and Alison charges £200 for these bespoke sessions, so to compare to the price of shop bought rings, its a total no-brainer and with Alisons expert guidence it's not even that hard!

the raw materials, this is for my ring and has been imprinted with some
 lace that was given to me by Pauls Grandmother
for Pauls ring we used a kind of D shaped silver wire so the first job was to
cut it to size
and Paul got to work on trimming my wider piece of silver
then you start bashing it into shape, which takes aaaaaaaages
getting the edges to match up before soldering is probably the
fiddliest bit and took us a fair old while too
then its onto soldering the join
you then pop them in this after bathing them in acid, not sure what
 the technical term is but I call this the rumbly ball machine
a LOT of filing, sanding and polishing later and TA DA! the finished product,
 totally unique and personal to us...

Other places you can do this...
As well as loads of other places across the country, it's also worth contacting local silversmiths too to ask if they could offer a workshop, they'll often be happy to negotiate a price with you.
{images: Diamonds & Doodles}


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