Monday, 24 March 2014

5 Thrifty Favour Ideas

Okay so the obvious way to save money here is to just not have favours {but that could be said of most of the things/ services available for a wedding}

But if you like the idea of having little gifts for your guests, and your bored of little boxes of sweets {honestly, who wants to eat sugared almonds/ jelly beans before a 3 course meal?} then read on for some delightfully budget friendly ideas...

image from etsy via onewed

1. Sparklers!
These can make for some awesome pictures later on, especially for a winter wedding when it gets good and dark nice and early. Sparklers are super cheap and all you need to personalise them is some paper and a printer. Print out you labels cut a couple of slits and poke 'em through, et voila!

image from Bespoke Bride with step by step tutorial!

2. Matches
These super cute personalised matches are pretty easy to make too, again paper and a printer required and you can pick up match boxes or matchbooks from ebay for pennies not pounds!

image from Pinterest

3. Tea Bags
Who doesn't love a cup of tea? Choose your favourite tea, personalise them with your own tags pop a couple in a cello bag seal up and add a personalised printed tag, fasten with double sided tape or a stapler.

image from Style Me Pretty via Pinterest

4. Festive Baubles
Perfect for a Christmas Time wedding, personalise some super cheap baubles with letterset {which you might remember from your childhood - you can pick it up on ebay super cheap} or collect varied baubles from charity shops and attach luggage tags to double up as placenames. For a virtually free alternative, get out pine cone collecting, dip them in pva then glitter and attach some ribbon or pretty thread

image from Martha Stewart via Pinterest

5. English Cherries (This one is practically FREE)
We get some propper delicious cherries growing in the UK and if you know where to look they are COMPLETELY FREE many of those beautiful blossom trees that you see in early spring will turn into lucious fruit bearing beauties in the summer {perfect for a July/ August wedding} but the ripe fruit is only available for a short window and there isn't always a good harvest. Alternatives are blackberries {available late summer/ early autumn} and they are literally everywhere. Or why not try making your own apple crisps from the abundance of free wild apples these fair isles have to offer?

Got some other thrifty favour ideas you'd like to share? comment away or get in touch!

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