Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Alternative wedding venues

Camp & Furnase wedding by S6 Photography

The venue will likely be the biggest cost that you incur whilst planning your wedding. There are some absolutely beautiful venues out there and the appeal of finding somewhere that takes care of pretty much everything is huge to some people.
But just as with a package holiday, if you want to get a better deal, you'll save money buy booking things seperatley.

A lot of venues will offer a per head price and this on average tends to be around £40 to £80. The majority of this cost tends to be food based. For that price per head you usually (but not always) get the following:

A seat at the ceremony
A glass or two of champers
A seat at the reception
Half a bottle of wine each
Evening buffet

If you invite say 100 guests (for ease of maths - not my strong point) this can add up to between 4k and 8k (many venues are much more expensive than this)

Let me stress this, some venues are brilliant, the service they offer and the quality is impeccable... but some ore a little less so. Some offer very mediocre food for that price. Next time you go to a wedding, find out how much it is per head and as you're eating your dinner ask yourself, would I pay that much if this were a restaurant? Mass catering often diminishes quality but it really doesn't have to.

Village Hall Wedding by Diamonds & Doodles

Whats the alternative?
Many non-traditional wedding venues like bars, clubs and pubs have function rooms that are available for free (yes free) if you can guarantee a certain number of people will spend a certain minimum amount at the bar.  A lot of these types of places serve food too.

Pub Wedding Reception by Diamonds & Doodles

But what if you want to offer a free bar (my absolute favorite thing at a wedding) so that you can buy booze cheap or even let guests bring their own! This is where you really need to think outside the proverbial wedding box.

Look at Village Halls, School Halls and Community Halls in towns & cities; you can book a hall or a couple of hundred quid usually and they will often have a kitchen, tables, chairs and table wear that you can use. Set you relatives to buffet production and you'll be looking at costs of closer to £10 per head.

Want something a bit livelier?
Try a nightclubs, seriously, often they will rent out a room, there's a ready made bar and awesome sound systems & lighting built in. Get creative with your Googling, look for party or gig venues here's an example of the kind of thing I'm talking about

Paint Works Events Bristol

Want to go even more left field?
If you're a bit of a party person how about a warehouse? There are loads of unused warehouses and interesting spaces across the country and all you need to make it legal is to apply for a TENs licence (Temporary Event Notice) The best way to find a venue like this is to ask around. Most of these places won't advertise like a traditional wedding venue, so get on local forums and ask on Twitter. These kinds of spaces can also usually be rented for a few hundred pounds (much cheaper than a marquee and you don't need to pay land hire either)

Asylum, London

I would LOVE to hear about unusual, affordable, non-traditional venues that you know about so I can list them in my directory, so if you know somewhere get in touch!

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