Thursday, 24 April 2014

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It's cool to wear vintage

It's ok to wear something old (new, borrowed, blue) etc

But for some reason it's not ok to wear something you already own? Er WHY?

Not everything for your wedding needs to be bought, this includes what you wear. If the grooms already got a lovely looking suit that he loves to wear then why buy a new one? The same goes for the ushers and best man, renting or buying suits for all the fellas involved could set you back more than a grand!

The same goes for the girls, there's nothing wrong with bridesmaids wearing a frock they already own and have worn before (and they'll probably wear again) if you set a colour or a theme like pastels or jewel colours whats the harm in wearing something that's already been aired? You're not Kim Kardashian and your wedding isn't going to be covered in Hello Magazine (unless you are, and in that case I believe Hello pays). It doesn't matter that people have seen it before via facebook and the like, it just doesn't.

The biggie though, seems to be the bride. I personally think it's a good idea to wear some things that are broken in, especially shoes. Shoes that you have already worn; shoes that are comfortable; if your beautiful new spangly heels cause you agony on the day (and it will be a long day) you will regret it more than you would regret wearing you favourite dancing shoes. I'll be posting a tutorial on tarting up simple shoes with some DIY floral shoe clips very soon so watch out for that one

The same goes for accessories, got a beautiful belt, headpiece, bolero or a pretty cover-up that you love? Wear it! And if you're not going in for a classic wedding dress think about customising something you already own, could you alter or embellish something or maybe use dye or bleach? If you're on a serious shoe string budget this idea could be for you, here's a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing...

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