Thursday, 29 May 2014

Trash the dress | Budget Wedding Blog

What hideous weather it's been recently... perfect for a trash the dress shoot jah?

If you've never heard of the phenomenon that is 'Trash The Dress' the have a gander at Pinterest and you shall see. I have to say that this is one of those wedding trends that I really don't like. It's been around for a few years now and seems to still be going strong.

It makes so little sense to me, yes you get some pretty pictures but why in the name of all that is good, would you want to destroy something which a) cost you a load of money and b) is probably one of the nicest things you own?

You wouldn't drive your car like a loon and crash into a tree so that you could have some awesome video footage of yourself in a James Bond style car chase scene would you? So why the desire to roll around in mud or have paint thrown at your beautiful dress?

Personally I think this trend is just plain odd, you might as well literally burn some money.

What has happened to the days where dresses were passed down through the family and altered and adjusted? I intend to keep my dress and I would dearly love to hand it down to my daughter (should I have one someday). If not then I'll likely shorten or dye it and wear it again (more on wearing your dress again in another post soon).

But if you're dress isn't the sort that you could wear again then the most obvious thing is to sell it on, make back some of that money you spent and let someone else enjoy that thing of beauty. There are lots of dedicated websites for reselling your dress (and other aspects of your wedding) as well as good old ebay.

If you're a charitable soul then maybe you would consider donating your wedding dress to a worthy cause, wouldn't that be so much better than trashing it for the sake of some photos?

The idea of a post wedding shoot however, is a great one especially if you didn't get the images you were after on your wedding day for whatever reason, or maybe you couldn't afford a photographer in the first place? Keep your eyes peeled as next week we're running a competition to win a post wedding photoshoot!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Real Wedding: Jess & Phil | Budget Wedding Blog

I have a really rather special wedding to share with you today. Back in March when I was writing about making the most of your wedding photographer I was contacted by Jess who recanted her tale of woe on the theme of trying to find a good wedding photographer for an affordable price, if you didn't read it the first time read her story here on her own blog (it is hilarious). Anyway Jess subsequently booked me to photograph her wedding, and I'm so pleased she did as I spent a wonderful couple of days down in Somerset with them.

Jess and Phil had a 2 part wedding, the first day was a small intimate ceremony at the beautiful Hestercombe Gardens and the second day was firstly a blessing in their church, where they performed as part of the (amazing) choir, followed by a reception back at Hestercombe.

Jess & Phil's wedding was all about love & happiness, no themes, no glitter, no unnecessary extras just friends and family coming together for the celebration of the love of 2 wonderful people.

Day 2

(Photography: Diamonds & Doodles - Sheffield Wedding Photographer)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Church Organ Blues | Budget Wedding Blog

Are you planning on getting married in a church? Churches are one of the very cheapest places to get married, especially C of E Churches as they are the only religious establishments where you don't need to also buy in a registrar. Luckily my home village church is C of E as a registrar in North Yorkshire will set you back about £400, it's cheaper in some counties, I have no idea why...

But if you are planning on getting wed in a Church then you should know that most charge you extra for the organist (and for the bells to be rung for that matter)

The thing is, you don't actually need the organist, most churches also have a piano and most people know someone who can play piano.  So ask around, you never know. Alternatively, if you don't want the traditional 'here comes the bride' or wedding march then its possibly safer (and cheaper) to take your own music playing devices. The video below demonstrates why...

My advice if you're going to book the church organist is to hear them play first, you wouldn't book a band without hearing them would you? The above, I'm sure, is rare but I have heard some pretty bad ones across the country.

Also did you know that you don't just have to sing religious songs in church? Ask your Vicar about this, we sang 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed. When I asked my Vicar about singing non religious songs he said "sure, so long as it's not Pagan or anything..." I did struggle a little to find a nice song that was a) fairly easy to sing b) that every generation would know c) was church appropriate and d) not cheesy. But with Perfect Day, we totally nailed it.

I'd love to hear if anyone else has sung/ is singing non religious songs in their church ceremony!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

A guide to choosing your wedding stationery | Budget Wedding Blog

Today I have a lovely article from Tree of Hearts to share with you about choosing your wedding stationery, when to send it, what to send, and how to word those invites (something I found a bit tricky actually)...

Choosing your wedding stationery can be quite daunting with so many lovely designs to choose from just where do you start and what things should you consider?

Set a theme

Setting a theme is something that you may not have thought of doing but it is an important part of your planning. Setting a theme in the very early will help you as you go on to buy wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses, wedding accessories, venue decorations and so on, as it will act as a guide. If you are unsure what colour scheme or theme to go for, then try creating a mood board (one for each idea). A mood board can be created quite easily using magazine cuttings, photos, fabric swatches and even wedding invitation samples – have a go, it’s great fun. Here is an example of a lilac mood board

Order samples

Many good wedding stationery suppliers offer free samples so you can see and feel the quality of their products before you commit to buy. Samples also give you a true colour swatch as viewing wedding invitations or other stationery products online can often appear quite different depending on your screen settings. When ordering samples also look to see if there is other matching stationery like order of service, table plan, table numbers, place cards, menus, thank you cards as they are all items that you’re probably going to need.

Don't exceed your budget

Before buying wedding stationery you may not have realised how costly it can be. It is a good idea to write a list and work out the cost of all the wedding stationery items you will need for each of your favourite designs as this could end up being the deciding factor on which invitation to go for – there is no point splashing out on expensive luxury invitations if you then can’t afford everything else to match.

Plan your wording

There are many different ways of wording your wedding invitation depending on who is hosting your wedding (who is paying) and individual circumstances. Try researching ‘wedding invitation wording’ and ‘wedding stationery etiquette’ on-line, this will provide you with lots of wording examples and will also provide you with lots of help and advice.
As well as planning the correct wording you may want to double check your venue details before ordering your wedding invitations as mistakes do happen and it has been known for venues to double book, causing a lot of problems for the bride and groom to be.
Here is an example of traditional style wording. This would be used in the instance of the bride’s parents hosting the wedding.

Mr and Mrs D. Wilkinson

request the pleasure of


at the marriage of their daughter

Mr Stephen James Brown

at St Peter’s Church, Bewdley
on Saturday 25th July 2015
at 1:00 pm

and afterwards at
The Ramada Hotel,
Habberley Road, Bewdley

When to send


Save the date cards are usually sent out around a year to eighteen months in advance, this allows guests to plan around your forthcoming event, particularly if you’re getting married around a popular holiday period. It also helps people plan time off work and budget for the occasion, particularly if you’re getting married abroad. Save the date cards need only to contain brief details of your day, for instance your names and date and location if it is not a local affair.
Wedding invitations are usually sent out around 3 – 6 months in advance, and contain all the finer details of your special day. RSVP details should also be included on your invitation along with a date by which they need to reply. Getting your RSVP’s back is crucial as you will have a deadline to meet by your venue to confirm final numbers – so make sure you allow your guests plenty of time to reply.  
If you’re getting married overseas then I would recommend you send your invitations out between 6 – 12 months in advance to allow your guests enough time to book their flights and accommodation.

Whilst planning a wedding can be stressful and financially draining you should enjoy it – after all it’s all part of your special day.

Tree of hearts have over 60 designs available so you're bound to find something to suit, plus there producats are super affordable and great quality! Thanks for the advice guys!