Sunday, 11 May 2014

DIY Placename flags | Budget Wedding Blog

A super simple DIY tutorial today. These place name flags are really easy to make and the resources are very affordable. Once you get going you should be able to make around 20 per hour. You can change the colour of the glitter and paper to suit your colour theme

what you'll need:
-Paper or thin card
-an ink pad
-some letter stamps
-a paintbrush
-some copydex/ pva glue
-a pencil
-a ruler or straight edge
-double sided tape
-tooth picks
-Fimo air light/ air hardening modelling material (available from most craft shops)

Step 1
Take a piece of A4 paper (any colour) and rule lines with the pencil aprox 1.5cm apart all along

Step 2
Cut out the strips, you'll need 1 strip per placename flag

Step 3
Prepare you toothpicks; it's best to snip off one of the pointy ends so they are a bit safer!

Step 4
Fold one of the strips of paper in half

Step 5
cut a piece of double sided tape a few centimeters long and stick it onto the strip, make sure it goes over the fold so it sticks to the toothpick

Step 6
Time to get stamping out your names! If you have beautiful handwriting (unlike me) you could do a pretty badass job without the stamps...

Step 7
Peel the back off the double sided tape and fold the strip over the toothpick and press it down firmly

Step 8
cut the end into shape, best to do this after you've written them out to save any squished up names!  

Step 9
Grab a small blob of you Fimo

Step 10
Mould into a little dumpy conical shape with your fingers *feeling super creative? make tiny sculptures to hold your flags, maybe cats or dinosaurs!

Step 11
Using a spare toothpick, pick up your shape and pop it on a pick, use your paintbrush to cover it evenly in glue (this saves very sticky, messy fingers)

Step 12
Do this bit over a piece of scrap paper, hold it up and sprinkle with glitter, make sure you cover the whole thing then give it a little tap to get rid of the excess, stick the toothpick in something to let it dry for a while

Step 13
Remove from the drying toothpick after 10 mins or so and stick your little flag in *don't wait too long to do this as your Fimo will set if you leave it for more than an hour!

Ta Da!
Simple and pretty, and you can make around 100 for less than twenty quid

Feeling adventurous or have lots of spare time on your hands?? Try encrusting them with gems and beads, because you don't have to bake this type of Fimo you can push all sorts of glass or plastic beads into it without fear of meltage in the oven!


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