Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Skill swapping | Budget Wedding Blog

This is quite possibly the concept that will save you the most money possible on your wedding.

Skill swapping has been around forever, before currency in the days when people were paid in chickens, pottery was swapped for tinctures and fishermen traded with dairy farmers. But it's still going on today.  Me and the other half did a lot of skill swapping to keep costs down for our wedding, I did a shoot for the caterers and helped set up their website in return for their free services (we still paid for all the ingredients mind); I'll be photographing the bands wedding this autumn; I'm painting a portrait in return for our photographers services... our little list goes on.
I've also done a few deals with my own photography services, I got a new boiler installed in return for shooting a colleagues wedding (her husband is a heating engineer).

So you see if you look for them, there may be opportunities to do a little skill swapping and save yourself some cash for you own wedding (or in any aspect of your life)

Fact: Times are pretty tough right now and everyone is still feeling the pinch, so lets take money out of the equation if we can. I'm always up for skill swapping my services and you'll find that many others will be too, especially relatively new suppliers and especially in return for web sites, so if you possess the awesome skill of website design you could be onto a winner!

If you don't ask, you don't get. Make sure you drop your trade or skill into a conversation with your supplier, just in case. Whatever you do though don't just go straight in for the kill with something like... "so I design websites, I could redesign yours..." as this may well be taken as a bit of an insult! Mention skill swapping in a casual manner, I know at least 3 photographers and one cake maker that have worked for free in return for a new website, I don't yet know many that have worked for boiler installation, but hey, you never know!

If you are a supplier of any kind who is willing to take a skill swap for your services then get in touch as I'd love to put together a little list of those seeking to swap.

Below is a short list of things that I am currently looking to swap my skills for:

- A decorator to paint the outside of my house
- A swanky new wordpress website for Diamonds & Doodles
- Some bodywork on my van (had a little run in with a bollard...)
- An amazing graffiti artist to make my van look totally awesome (after said damage has been fixed)

Any takers?

{photography: DJB Photography}


  1. Hi! We would love to a. Sort the website for you or b. My other half is an accountant and would sort accounts for you!

  2. Aimee- send me some examples of your websites would you? When's your wedding? x

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