Monday, 2 June 2014

DIY Tutorial: 4 things to do with Elderflowers | Budget Wedding Blog

It's elderflower time! I LOVE this time of year when the elderflowers come out, they smell amazing and taste even better, so today I wanted to share with you some ideas for incorporating this gorgeous {and free}ingredient into your wedding!

1) Boozy favours: elderflower vodka

Elderflower vodka is one of my all time favourite tipples, either as a neat shot or mixed with soda water, it tastes like heaven.

For my own wedding I made big bottles of this stuff {as well as cherry brandy and black & red currant vodka too} the idea was that it went on the tables for the toasts but my friends and family had pretty much polished them all off before the starters were served!

Image: Duncan Payne
I served the elderflower vodka in large bottles to cut down on costs but you could decant it into small bottles for individual favours using mini bottles like these

If you fancy giving elderflower vodka a go here's the recipe I followed from Wild at Heart

2) Jazz up your champers with home made elderflower cordial

Elderflower goes so well with a bit of fizz and cordial is even easier to make than the vodka and it takes way less time. Again you could bottle this up as favours or or just make some up to serve with your toast here is my favorite tutorial from Love Luxe Blog for making elderflower cordial

Image: Joanna Brown

3) Eat it: elderflower sorbet

Elderflower sorbet is so tasty! It's the perfect thing to serve between courses or as part of your desert, it's so cheap and easy to make, if you want to have a go at it follow this simple tutorial from Make Do and Spend who also have some very tasty recipes for elderflowers with gooseberries too!

4) Add to your centerpieces

Or indeed bouquets! Elderflowers are a brilliant wild flower with a gorgeous aroma and an excellent addition to any centerpiece or bouquet. Do pick on the day though as they look and smell best when as fresh as possible, here's a little inspiration from Peonies and Posies

As the image above proves you don't have to spend a fortune on flowers, so much gorgeousness can come from your garden

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