Tuesday, 15 July 2014

DIY Tutorial: Bargain Birdcage Veil | Budget Wedding Blog

Today I've got a little crafty tutorial for you so get your glue guns at the ready!

I have always thought that veils are very expensive for what they are so I'm going to be making a few and sharing the tutorials with you as I go. First off it's the birdcage veil. This was really easy to make and took me about 40 minutes. The materials cost a total of about £8.

I've decorated mine with shells and a few shiny bits that I've had for a while but you could use anything; beads; buttons; old brooches or broken jewellery; shells you found on the beach; sequins; fake flowers, the options are pretty endless...

What you'll need:

50cm (ish) netting - best place to buy this is on Etsy
A hair comb, plastic or metal (you can pick these up in poundshops or chemists or online)
A needle and thread (similar colour to your netting)
A hot glue gun (a life essential)
Shells, beads and gems  (or decorative bits of your choice)

Step 1
Trim 2 of the corners of your netting so they are rounded off like this

Step 2
Take a length of thread and tie it to on of the top corners, then weave it back and forth through the netting along the top so that you can gather it up.

Step 3
You now need to attach this to the comb. Thread a needle onto the end of the thread and start loosely sewing the gathered up edge onto the top of the comb.

Step 4
Now take your piece of felt, you want to cut an oval-ish shape that will cover the whole of the comb

Step 5
This is the fun bit, set your veil aside and start gluing your decorative bits to your felt piece until it's completely covered

Step 6
Now you need to sew your decorative patch onto your comb, just a few stitches at either side will hold it on without hindering the comb from doing it's job, et voila!

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