Wednesday, 9 July 2014

In the news...

Today my own wedding has been featured in The Daily Mail of all places, with a lovely article about how we planned a big 3 day wedding on a small budget. I'm so happy that I've managed to get a bit of national press for my little corner the internet and I hope this brings many more readers and fills them with thrifty budget friendly inspiration for their wedding! x


  1. Would you be willing to share your dress pattern and fabric source? I love your style and it would be perfect for when we renew our vows.

    1. I didn't have a pattern I made it partly from deconstructing a simple tea dress and copying the shape and partly just from my imagination (which is an unbelievably hard way to do it!) So I'd definitely recommend getting a pattern! The fabric I bought through a friend who is a dress maker but this is a great online shop x