Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Package vs DIY: Part 1 | Budget Wedding Blog

When planning my own wedding I wondered, which is cheaper a DIY do or a package deal at a venue? In this 4 part series, I'll be investigating this very subject

Part 1:The Budget Package Hotel Wedding


There are numerous hotel chains out there that offer very low cost package weddings, Holiday Inns, Britannia Hotels, Mercure, Marriott; all the big ones have wedding deals, the cheapest of which seems to be Britannia Hotels, offering weddings from £999.

But what do you get for this?
Well whats listed is: Bucks Fizz welcome & 3 course meal for 50 guests, evening buffet & reception for 100 guests, room hire, red carpet.

I'm going to take this package as my example for the purpose of working out the details, because every hotel offers a different package but this (as far as I can find) seems to be the cheapest.

Doing the maths that price works out at about £15 per head for the daytime guests and about £5 per head for those coming to the evening reception only. That seems like really good value, it's really important to remember that not only are you getting the room hire, you're also getting the plates, the glasses, the cutlery, the table cloths and more importantly the staff to cook and serve your food, and perhaps even more importantly than that, the lack of hassle that comes

What you're not getting however is very much personal choice, high bar prices and overpriced table wine. Quite often the food is not exactly Michelin starred either, its usually a pate or soup starter, roast dinner and a choice of 2 deserts.

Here's a quick comparison, all costs are estimates based on my experience of how these things are broken down.

So you can see that it's really the convenience and the staff that you're paying for when you book a hotel venue. they will set it all up for you, they will cook and serve your dinner, and more importantly they will clean up after you, so that you don't have to do it tomorrow with the mother of all hangovers.  so if it's a hassle free convenient do you're after you're best bet is on a good budget hotel deal.

If you're after more of a personal touch you can cut these costs right down but I promise you it will be a LOT more work, rope everyone in, because there is a tonne of stuff to do...