Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Summer v's Winter Weddings | Budget Wedding Blog

One of the best bits of advice for saving money when booking your wedding is to go for a winter date rather than a summer one. Especially if you want to book a hotel type venue, going for a winter date could save you plenty of cash particularly if you pick a weekday rather than a Saturday.

However there are a few things that you should have a think about before you hand over you deposits and decide on a winter date...

1. Lighting

Give your photographer a chance! If you're planning a Winter Wedding then go for an earlier ceremony time while there is still some natural light, especially if you're getting wed in a church. Even in the summer months these places are dark! Think about the lighting for your reception, creating a lovely low light can be wonderfully atmospheric at the time but a lot of photographers would struggle with it. There are a few things you can do; fairy lights are fab and work wonderfully in photographs; try asking a member of staff to turn up the venue lighting at key times, like during the speeches, book a photographer who is comfortable working in low light, ask to see examples of weddings in similar conditions, it doesn't have to be another winter wedding, just a venue with low lighting.

2. Temperature

You may plan your winter wedding with the secret hope that you'll get a dusting of snow or a crisp frosty morning or you may be hoping to get your guests outside for some photographs in the open air but in reality you may find this hard to do on the day. People hate being cold and are always VERY reluctant to leave a cosy venue to stand in the cold air outside. Have a good scout around your venue for indoor locations that you can use for any group photos that you would like to take, think about how many people you need to get in there, stairways are great for this especially the grand and sweeping kind! When planning your winter wedding keep in mind you most elderly or vulnerable guest and that will help you to make sure that everyone will be happy and comfortable on the day.

3. Accessibility

Again if you're hoping for that dusting of snow be aware of what the effect could be if that dusting turned into 6 inches or more. How remote is your venue? Do the gritters get up there or is it out in the wild and windy moors somewhere? Bearing that in mind, this is Britain and our weather is crazy and unpredictable, just look at this wedding in August for example!

4. Seasonality

This is important to think about in terms of food and also flowers you will find that things in season are cheaper and more readily available, also think about things that you can collect yourself to use for decorations such as pine cones. If you have your heart set on peonies though you may well be disappointed...

5. Decorations

Many, if not most venues will have Christmas decorations up from November time until early January. Great if you wasn't a Christmassy themed wedding but not so great if you want more controll over how the venue looks for your wedding. Ask the staff if they have any photographs of the venue at Christmas time so that you can see how it is styled and don't be afraid to ask (nicely) if that singing Santa or life sized fibreoptic snowman could be discreetly banished for the day...

Images courtesy of Ellie Grace Photography


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