Friday, 8 August 2014

Top 5 Cheap Wedding Invitations | Budget Wedding Blog

If you're planning your wedding for next year it's time to get those save the dates out and for some of you super organised types you'll be planning on sending your invites out already. People are always asking me about cheap ideas for their wedding invitations so I've come up with my current top 5 cheap wedding invitation ideas, some are quite traditional and some... well, some are really, really not.

1. Stop Motion Magic

This is an oldie but a goodie! I love this sweet little stop motion video, all you would need to recreate something similar, is a camera, a cheap scrap book, some felt tips and some super basic software like Windows Movie Maker which probably came with your laptop. Add in your favourite song, stick it online and share the link. Practically free and as sweet strawberries dipped in sugar!

2. Photo Card Fabulous

Online Print companies have lots of customiseable and very affordable options such as these sweet and very simple cards from TRUPRINT

3. DIY (ish)

Lots of lovely stationery companies do a bit of a DIY option where you can have your invite designed professionally and then print and embellish them yourselves. Check out the "We'll take it from here" service at Best Day Ever

4. Stamptastic

If you want a bit more of a DIY feel and to literally get your hands dirty then why not get yourself a custom stamp made like these ones by Doodle Stamp on Etsy. For around £15 you can have a beautiful stamp made with all your details, then just get yourself an ink pad and some pretty paper and you're away!

5. Super cool wedding Zine

I love a Zine, I'm a big fan of that low-fi photocopied feel, though it's not for everyone but if you're having a budget city wedding this could be a really cool and quirky idea for an invite, plus you can probably run them off on works photocopier in your lunch break! To make an ace wedding Zine like the one above check out this tutorial

If you've made your own wedding invitations and you'd like to share a tutorial on how to make them get in touch


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