Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Post Wedding Photo Shoot | Budget Wedding Blog

A little while ago me and the other half met up with one of my all time favourite photographers for a little post wedding photoshoot. We had a fab Photographer on our wedding day but mainly due to the rain, we didn't get the change to get those big wall worthy portraits. Also I didn't want to leave the party that I spent so long planning (and paying for) because it was the BEST party I'd ever been to!

So we booked Rosie Hardy for a few hours on our first wedding anniversary, we drove out to the Peak District and spent time on simply creating some beautiful images with no time constraints one you might feel on ones wedding day, plus it gave me another chance to air my home made wedding dress!

A post wedding photoshoot is a brilliant idea for anyone who didn't have a photographer at their wedding due to costs, or like me couldn't be torn away from the party... The cost is a fraction of the price you will pay for a photographer for a wedding, though that's not to say this can in any way replace the awesome visual record a great photographer can create on your wedding day.
Our post wedding photoshoot cost £200 and was absolutely worth every penny, for the experience and also the amazing finished product...


  1. Shelley these photos are absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks Jenny, we adore them, Miss Hardy is an amazing photographer! x

  3. I lenjoyed reading your story and seeing your beautiful pictures! Best wishes..