Tuesday, 4 November 2014

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Wedding trends can be wonderfully inspiring but choose carefully to avoid looking like a pinterest board come to life. There is just so much pretty out there online that it's really easy to get carried away and just buy everything!
When it comes to wedding planning, don’t be a dedicated follower of fashion, choose things that mean something to you, they might be things that are in fashion now, or they might be things that were in fashion in 2005, it really doesn't matter. If you love it, do it!

There are always trends coming through in the wedding industry but what you should consider is will you love it in 10 or 20 years time, it might have seemed hilarious at the time but I'm not convinced that those couples that danced Gangnam Style at the wedding don't already regret it...

You want looking back on your photos to be a constant joy, to you, your children and grandchildren, so keep it real and keep it personal.

Here are some of the trends from the 2014 season that I loved...


Photo: DJBP Photography

I am an obvious lover or this one as I wore a frock with sleeves on my wedding day. I'm not a huge fan of my arms (like many women) and some nice fluted hippie style lace sleeves made me feel a whole lot more confident.

Flower Crowns

Photo: Shelley Richmond

I love love LOVE flower crowns, if I had the balls (and the money) I'd wear one every day! Flowers will always be beautiful as they are crafted by nature and their 'aint no beating that!

Unplugged Weddings

Photo: Diamonds & Doodles

From a photographers point of view seeing a little sign that reads "we are having an unplugged wedding so please put your phone away and enjoy the day" makes me exceedingly happy. No more faces blocked by ipads on the top table, no crazy lighting effects from guests over use of  their flash... and more importantly everyone is focused on having an awesome time rather than checking how their face/ smile/ hair/ bingo wings looked in that last shot that Grandad took...

Peonies & hydrangeas

Found on: Pinterest {origin unknown}

These are just the prettiest, I love British seasonal flowers

Festival Weddings

Photo: Diamonds & Doodles

As far as themes go I think a festival wedding has to be my favourite and it's ever popular, choose a venue where you have lots of space for different areas, get your guests to camp over and toast marshmallows over the campfire while uncle Jim strums some late night tunes on his guitar.... heaven!

Bollocks to Bunting

Found on: Confetti

Bunting is lovely but its also everywhere; there are other forms of decorations guys...

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