Friday, 21 November 2014

DIY alternative autumnal buttonhole | Budget Wedding Blog

Fancy crafting some sweet little alternative buttonholes for the groomsmen?

These super cute crafted buttonholes could be made to match any theme and can be saved as lovely keepsakes. Here's the how to part...


- Hot glue gun & sticks
- Scissors
- Felt in 2 or more colours
- Embroidery thread
- Mini paper flowers and birds (available from hobbycraft and card making shops)
- Jewellery making wire (available from most craft shops)
- Florists tape
- Seed beads
- Pen/ pencil

Step 1 - making the rose

Draw out a couple of circles (or roundish shapes!) on the colour felt that you want to make your rose from, the large one will form the petals and the small one will be the backing (and roughly the size of the finished rose)

Cut out your shapes

Cut the larger shape into a spiral with slightly wiggly edges

Starting from the centre, gather up and coil round your spiral to form the rose shape...

... until it looks like this

This is what the back of it should look like

Using the hot glue gun, stick the smaller shape to the back to keep it from coming apart

Ta dah!

Cut a piece of jewellery wire to make the stem and make a little loop on the top so that the glue has something to get hold of. Make the length roughly the same as any of the ready made stems you're using

Glue the stem to the back of the rose

Put a big blob of glue in the centre of the rose and sprinkle some beads on

Step 2 - Making the leaves

Draw a couple of leaf shapes out on different coloured felt. I've gone for a nice Alumna red here...

Cut them out

Cut yourself another couple of lengths of jewellery wire to make the stems and push through the leaves to draw the centre line (like stitches)

Now you have all the bits ready to put together

Step 3 - Assembling

Twist together the stalks of the two leaves

Twist on the others one at a time until you're happy with how they all sit together

Trim the ends of the wire so they're all the same length, using florists wire wrap the stem all the way down

Now cover with embroidery thread or string, tying the end off at the top. You'll find that the thread sticks to the florists tape which helps keep it in place while you're working

Job done!

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  1. I love DIY, our own wedding had alot of DIY to it and I suggest it to all my couples. Its a great way to make the day really yours.