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Supplier Showcase: Big Little Things | Budget Wedding Blog

I've got a lovely little company to share with you all this morning! Big Little Things is new to the Thrifty Directory and offers some gorgeous flowers as well as wedding decor and gifts, so I'll hand you over to Sarah to tell you more about herself and her business...

What do you do and what services do you offer? 

We are often described as a ‘one stop shop’, but simply we are able to offer a couple of different services by drawing from our experience and skill set. On a national level we sell wedding décor online via our website. Each season we create handmade and hand pick products which are perfect for all kinds weddings. From wedding finishing touches and favours to reception décor and outdoor decoration for weddings. Our only criteria is that the products must be beautiful, unique, and quirky or something we adore.

On a more local level we are wedding florists within Shropshire and the surrounding counties of Powys, Staffordshire. We travel throughout the West Midlands with the Big Little Thing flower shop. It is creatively satisfying to design a bridal bouquet or bring a bride and grooms wedding floristry dreams to life.

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get into it?

We’ve been busy creating together for 5 years. Our story is a bit of a cliché; we had both recently started a family. Fran and I knew each other because our husbands are childhood friends. I worked in sales and marketing, whereas Fran was working in horticulture and floristry having left a career in graphic design. I really didn’t want to return my corporate role and leave my young baby. Fran suggested that we think about doing something together; I said no. But I thought a little more about it and concluded that working with a friend couldn’t be that bad – right? Naively (a couple of babies and a new business…we laugh about it now!) we ventured into the world of weddings and working together. I trained in floristry and we set about nurturing Big Little Things. Working together has been far better than I imagined; we understand each other and our tastes, preferences and approach compliment the other.

What makes your business stand out from the crowd? 

We are a little bit different because we offer more than just one service for a bride and groom. Some people do find this confusing! Our customers love it! From our point of view a couple can pick and choose what they would like from us. Also, because we hand make a lot of our products, we can personalise items and modify products or take on commissions. It really means that as a customer you get exactly what you want.

How does your business fit into the Pretty Thrifty ethos of affordability without cutting corners on quality or compromising on your ideas? 

Affordability is core to our values. We strongly feel that everything we sell must be reasonably priced. A question we ask each other a lot is “Would you pay this for that?” If the answer’s no, a design has been known to go back to the drawing board or on the cutting room floor! We are not on the high street; by not operating from shop premises, we have been able to keep our costs down. It’s simple maths really, we’ve got fewer overheads to pay for and that is reflected in the prices we charge, so it’s been a conscious decision. We know if we control our budget, it will invariably help a couple control theirs!

Do you have any special products/ offers/ competitions or events you’d like to promote? 

Our personalised slate signs are very popular as wedding décor or wedding gifts. We’ve just introduced some oh so on trend road sign style signs too which I love. The first products we ever made, the mini heart pegs, are still popular for securing guests names to glasses and cups as a place setting. A special promotion to all Pretty Thrifty Blog readers; save 15% against any online purchase from Big Little Things. Simply enter the discount code THRIFTY at the checkout.

What’s the best thing about doing what you do? 

Getting to be creative on a daily basis and making other people happy.

Do you have a money saving tip for Brides & Grooms to be? 

From the wedding flowers side of things, try to select flowers that are in season when you are getting married. This will save you a small fortune! Your florist will guide you when it comes to making your choices. On every level, have what you want and try your best not to think about what you should have (or what other people might expect or want you to have)! So if you don’t want to have wedding favours, don’t! Or if you only want pate for your wedding breakfast starter, do. Also set a budget that’s within your means and stick to it. Then you will not go too far wrong.

What’s your top tip for saving money whilst planning your wedding? 

Don’t undervalue your time. All too often a couple decide to take on all the responsibility of creating their wedding themselves – often to save money. What they don’t anticipate is the investment of time it takes, especially if you are opting for DIY wedding. Delegate where necessary and work out the real cost. So calculate materials, travel costs and how many hours it will take to make something. If you are crafting a DIY wedding ensure you plan your time meticulously. There is nothing more stressful than trying to set up your own wedding the night before your big day!

Anything else you would like to add? 

Congratulations and remember, when planning your wedding the littlest of details are a big deal.

{all above images courtesy of Chris Barber}

Here are just a few of the gorgeous items that these crafty lasses can supply you with...

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