Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thursday Bargains: Brides in Boots | Budget Wedding Blog

Long gone are the days of the satin covered ivory pointy kitten heeled wedding shoe (thank god) and brides are opting for some seriously stylish footwear.

I was a summer bride and if you ask me, in the summer months you can't beat some comfy flat leather sandals for dancing away your wedding night! But it's mid November and I've just had to retire my Birkenstocks for the winter, so what now?


Image: Diamonds & Doodles

Brides in boots, everywhere! I love a nice ankle boot with a wedding dress, plus it's super comfy, your toes won't get cold and you wont get stuck in the sodden grass like a human tent peg. Here are some of my favourite budget wedding worthy boots around at the moment...

£39.99 from New Look
£24.99 from New Look
£39.99 from New Look
£19.99 from New Look
£29.99 from New Look
£30 from
£35 from ASOS
£40 from ASOS

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