Friday, 5 December 2014

DIY Fabulous Festive Flower Crown | Budget Wedding Blog

Flower crowns are not just for summer. Fact!
DIY your own glittery faux flower crown in about 10 minutes, perfect for a festive bride...

What you need:

* a plain headband (preferably metal)
* scissors / wire cutters
* florists wire
* fake flowers
* bits of Christmasy decorations (these pretty much all came from Poundstretcher)
* some felt in a matching colour
* hot glue gun & glue

Organise all your Christmasy bits and decide what you want to place where, cut a few pieces of wire  and poke through the flowers/ pine cones etc so that you can wire them to the headband

Start attaching bits by wrapping the wire around the headband; it's best if you start in the middle and work out towards the ends

Once you've got all your bits attached you want to  cover the inside of the crown so that all the wires don't get caught in your hair...

Cut a long strip of felt; long enough to cover the inside of your crown, in a long pointed almond shape, wider in the middle to protect your nogin from all those big decorations. Attach using your hot glue gun...

ta dah!

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  1. Your idea of artificial flowers hoop just struck me. I was ecstatic when I saw it. It will be more fun to watch than the veil.