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Money Saving Monday: Why do a hair trial? | Budget Wedding Blog

Getting your hair done for your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your preparation, it's often more expensive than getting your hair styled on a regular day and stylists will encourage you to have a trial before your big day. If you're on a tight budget you might think it best to cut the trial out (it's rarely free) to save money but that could be a big old mistake that could lead to you feeling stressed on your wedding day...

I chatted to Amy McCullagh, hair stylist extraordinaire about the importance of the trial and why it's not worth cutting it from your budget.

Firstly I'll tell you a bit about Amy; she has 14 years industry experience, managed a successful salon in Sheffield and specialises in colour correction. More importantly she is a specialist in wedding hair and up do's for all occasions. She's been involved in a variety of fashion shows, charity events and photo shoots and was a UK finalist for the Wella Trend Vision Awards as well as regional finalist for the Wella Generation Now art team. She's now freelance and works in and around the Sheffield area  traveling all over for weddings.In short this girl knows her stuff.

I'm on a tight budget so I'm thinking about not having a trial, would that be ok?

I would ALWAYS recommend having a trial, it isn't costly but is worth every penny just for piece of mind. Your hair is just as important as the dress and they need to compliment each other.

When do you normally do a trial, how far in advance of the wedding?

I'd usually suggest booking your trial anywhere between 6-8 weeks before the big day. Trends change and so will you, so you shouldn't do it to far in advance.

What if I don't have any idea how I want my hair?

I will always ask for a picture of the dress as that narrows it down a lot. Then we will go through everything from the different eras, accessories and even certain features you may like to hide. You are a blank canvas that we will build on m to create the desired look.

What if I change my mind after my trial or on the day of my wedding?

You may change your mind or decide to try a few different looks, therefore having a couple of trials might be for you. If you change your mind on the actual day (which has happened to me) then we will improvise and we can create anything you like, no problem, you just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Thanks Amy, hair trials sound like a lot of fun to me!
To see more of Amy's work visit her facebook page

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