Tuesday, 27 January 2015

2015 Wedding Trend Forecast | Budget Wedding Blog

You might have seen a few of these 'whats hot for 2015' type posts over the past week or so, well here's our take on the trends, lets talk fashion first...

The new pastels

Image: Eric Kelley Photography via Bridal Musings

Shades of mint baby blue and pastel pink will always be pretty in my eyes but the new pastels are a little darker, a little moodier. Tones of dove grey, dusky pink, lucite green  and of course shades of marsala make up a gorgeous pallet of colours that are set to be hugely popular this year, or so say the kings of Colour over at Pantone. Team these with various shades of cream and ivory and you're on to a winner. As well in the bridal shops, these colours will likely filter down to the high street so you'll be able to dress your maids in bargains.

Texture, colour and detail

Image source Claire Pettibone
Image: Jess Petrie via Love My Dress

I am more than a little bit obsessed with dress designer Claire Pettibone and in particular her Still Life collection which is full of colour and gorgeous detailed embroidery. This is part of her 2014 collection and I expect there will be lots more of this coming in various designers collections in 2015. Texture and colour gets bigger and bigger every year, from feather or sequin capes to rainbow tutus, use accessories to put your stamp on the classic ivory dress.
For some beautiful detailed and coloured dresses that are a bit easier on the purse strings check out Free People, their clothes are some of my absolute favourites.

Dress: Free People

Vintage vibes

Image: Shelley Richmond Dress: Kate Beaumont Vintage

More and more brides are being drawn to vintage dresses and with so many gorgeous boutiques out there who can blame them! Vintage is waaaaay more affordable and don't fret if that gorgeous gown doesn't fit you perfectly, a trip to your local seamstress and it will look like it's made for you at a fraction of the cost of one that actually was. And it's a myth that all vintage dresses are tiny, you just need to find your era

Folk Art

 All things Mexicana, crafty and folky are awesome for a late summer wedding, think embroidered dresses, home made pinatas, crazy paper mache skulls, bright colours, crochet blankets, hand drawn everything and Frida Kahlo's style (without the monobrow...)


Green green and more green, pick your own, foliage is free! Add a few flowers for splashes of colour or just celebrate all things leafy

Alternative Venues

Take DIY to the max and go for a non traditional venue, anything goes; warehouses, woodlands, caves, circus tents... cool couples want to create their own events in their own style, and why the hell not?! It's hard to put your stamp on something when your choices are limited to chicken or beef on the hotel package menu. Break the rules (rules, what rules!) get creative, you don't need to do something because it's the done thing the main aim of your wedding is to get married and have a bloody good time doing it!

Location Location Location!

Image: The AMAZING Kitcheners

Couples are searching for scenery first and foremost when thinking about their wedding venue, (nature is free after all) which is totally awesome! If you're getting wed in an area you're not familiar with speak to the locals for some inside info on spots that you can visit with your photographer during the day. Don't limit yourself to the grounds of your venue or the carpark round the back, jump in the car and dash of for half an hour. You won't miss much of the party and the images you get will be forever worth it!

I am so looking forward to the 2015 wedding season, so many exciting things are coming up for Pretty Thrifty this year!

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  1. Wow, these pictures look amazing, thanks for sharing with us, everything look amazing, the dress, the bridesmaids, color, texture, the venue everything was so unique and different,