Tuesday, 6 January 2015

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I've been catching up on social media over the past couple of days and it seems that there are so many newly engaged couples out there this year after the festive season! Congratulations to all of you, I hope you love every minute of your wedding planning adventure!

Everyone and his wife will likely have an opinion on your wedding from now on mind, and it might start to feel a bit like the old 'unengaged' you has ceased to exist what with people only wanting to constantly chat wedding shit at you.

This can have an interesting effect on even the most sensible of people, most will shrug it off and maintain their sense of self but some might struggle and get caught up in this crazy culture that somehow primarily makes you forget the difference between want and need.

Reading through magazines, blog and wedding pages on social media I see so many Agony Aunt style articles that perpetuate this: "Help me: I'm having serious trouble finding bridesmaid dresses that are the correct shade of purple. I need to find....." etc etc etc YOU DO NOT NEED THIS

If you're newly engaged you might be sat there reading this thinking "nah... I won't be like that, that's only the crazy ones that get like that" well just keep the definitions of want and need in your mind in case you start to waiver.

The difference is you see, if you convince yourself you absolutely need something, when you can't get it you will feel incredibly stressed and worried, if you remember that you only want it and don't need it it's a lot easier to move on and find an alternative.

Below is a list of all the things that you actually do need for your wedding:

1. To get married

That is all, seriously, the rest is all added extra, don't be bound by rules, what people think or say you should have, stick to your guns, do what you want

So that's enough ranting of a Tuesday morning! Here's some lovely engagement photos I shot late last year, again you don't need to have an engagement shoot, but it is a lot of fun...

Images: Diamonds & Doodles Sheffield Wedding Photographer

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