Thursday, 19 February 2015

Customised wedding shoes from Elegant Steps | Budget Wedding Blog

Morning thrifties!
I had a rather lovely delivery the other day from Elegant Steps, the UK's No.1 for bridal and occasion shoes.  They contacted me a little while ago to see if I'd be interested in reviewing their services as they launch their new customisation guide for brides and I jumped at the chance, I LOVE shoes!

The parcel arrived and it was like Christmas, literally, it was so beautifully wrapped I felt bad about opening it...

Autumn was most jealous as she didn't get a present...

They stock tonnes of designers and I had a pretty hard time selecting a pair but in the end I went for a pair of Evie Dyeable Satin Wedding Shoes which are mid range in price at £69. They stock beautiful shoes from as little as £9.99 in the sale but for a wedding around the £70 mark would be a reasonable price to spend I think, after all you are going to be in them for a very long day, dashing about, dancing and having fun!

The Elegant Steps team offer a bespoke dyeing service, you can send them a swatch from your dress or your bridesmaids dresses or you can select from their extensive colour studio and have the shoes that you've chosen dyed to match what ever you like.
I challenged the team to match the Pretty Thrifty blog colours and I think they did a rather good job don't you?!

I was also supplied with a pair of shoe clips to jazz up my shoes, again they have a big range of these to suit all the different shoes they stock and they can be worn on the front, side or back of the shoes (or on any of your other shoes - hello investment piece!) Some of the bows are just adorable and I think I'll be stocking up on a few more pairs to liven up my plain old court shoes. Shoe clips start at less than twenty quid so you really can't go wrong.

So I don't often wear heels (I'm much more of a Birkenstock or Boot kind of girl) and my main concern is always comfort and weather or not I can dance like a lune and consume copious amounts of fizz in them... let me tell you, these are the COMFIEST shoes I have ever worn, I may never take them off...

Check out their customisation guide for a tonne of ideas for creating your own personalised unique to you shoes

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Budget Friendly Valentines | Budget Wedding Blog

I don't know about you but I'm still financially recovering from Christmas... I'm always a bit skint at this time of year, and although I know deep down it's a Hallmark holiday I still kind of want to join in with the Valentines festivities... but I don't want to blow loads of pennies on it!

So I thought I'd share some of top budget friendly Valentines ideas with you...

1) Spend the day together

Sounds lame and cheesy but just actually spending time together is something most couples rarely get to do what with work, kids, pets or other responsibilities. Do something together that doesn't cost money, turn off the tv and put down your devices and really spend quality time together. Want some cheap date ideas? Check out this post for some awesome ideas. Oh and number 14, screw that get outdoors, yes it's chilly but that's what blankets and a thermos full of Heinz tomato soup were invented for, natures free baby!

2) DIY those cards and gifts!

I guarantee this will score you more brownie points (A for effort) even if it turns out looking like a 6 year old made it! From crafting your own chocolates in ice cube trays to making jewellery there is something for every level of crafter in this post and some more fab ideas here (it's all about the LOVE CACTUS!)

3) Get cooking

Stay in and eat, don't order a takeaway, cooking together is such a nice way to spend time, or if your other half is out during the day cook up a surprise dinner for when they get home! Check out some of these yummy recipes for inspiration

Happy Valentines lovelies

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Put a ring on it | Budget Wedding Blog

It's nearly that time of year again! In the run up to valentines day I know a LOT of people may be planning on popping the question, but before you shell out on that big sparkly rock just have a little think... who exactly was it that said the 'correct' amount to spend on an engagement ring is 1 months salary?

De Berrs, that's who! That's right, it was all a marketing campaign by the big diamond peddling cartel... way back in the 1930's they started to push diamonds as THE stone for engagement rings, it was a huge marketing campaign that has influenced generations to come and thus become written in the laws of tradition. Prior to the 1930's a diamond engagement ring was not the norm...

So think outside the box, don't be swayed by shop assistants pushing the shiny stuff on you, just say NO!!

Here are some beautiful, affordable alternatives...

This gorgeous silver and emerald ring is just £56 and can be found on Etsy

I'm a bit obsessed with anything sparkly and thus Druzy rings are my current faves! This rose gold beauty is just £45 over on Etsy

Not a fan of gems? How about this gorgeous little handcrafted creation a bargain at just £180 with it's pretty little 18 carat yellow gold rose

I adore this moonstone ring from Jessica Flinn Jewellery and it's a total snip at just £39, that's right this beautiful hand crafted silver and gold vermeil ring is just THIRTY NINE QUID!

How about a simple love knot? I honestly think the sentiment behind this ring is as lovely as any princess cut stone (and at just £25 you can't go wrong) available on Folksy

Also whoever said that an engagement ring should be a thin band with one big old stone? There are no rules! I love this rough finished band with white sapphires and white topaz and it's just £84, available on Etsy

My top places to hunt for an alternative (and affordable ring) are Etsy, Folks, Ebay, Antiques centers, and local artisan jewellery shops where they sell hand made work by local artists!