Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Budget Friendly Valentines | Budget Wedding Blog

I don't know about you but I'm still financially recovering from Christmas... I'm always a bit skint at this time of year, and although I know deep down it's a Hallmark holiday I still kind of want to join in with the Valentines festivities... but I don't want to blow loads of pennies on it!

So I thought I'd share some of top budget friendly Valentines ideas with you...

1) Spend the day together

Sounds lame and cheesy but just actually spending time together is something most couples rarely get to do what with work, kids, pets or other responsibilities. Do something together that doesn't cost money, turn off the tv and put down your devices and really spend quality time together. Want some cheap date ideas? Check out this post for some awesome ideas. Oh and number 14, screw that get outdoors, yes it's chilly but that's what blankets and a thermos full of Heinz tomato soup were invented for, natures free baby!

2) DIY those cards and gifts!

I guarantee this will score you more brownie points (A for effort) even if it turns out looking like a 6 year old made it! From crafting your own chocolates in ice cube trays to making jewellery there is something for every level of crafter in this post and some more fab ideas here (it's all about the LOVE CACTUS!)

3) Get cooking

Stay in and eat, don't order a takeaway, cooking together is such a nice way to spend time, or if your other half is out during the day cook up a surprise dinner for when they get home! Check out some of these yummy recipes for inspiration

Happy Valentines lovelies

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