Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Heirloom Wedding Dresses | Budget Wedding Blog

(Images: Tim Waters Photography)
There is something so lovely about the concept of wearing an heirloom dress for you wedding. And what better way to cut your budget than by wearing a dress that's already in your family.

If you're lucky enough to share the very same figure as your relative you can save a small fortune but even with some serious alterations you're still looking at a wonderfully budget friendly option!

But this isn't all about saving money...

I was given an engagement ring that belonged to my husbands Mum, and before that it was his Grandmothers engagement ring... and his Great Grandmothers. Some girls might look at it and think it's old fashioned, some might think that he was being a bit tight not buying one, but to me it means so much more knowing the history that's attached to it. I hope I won't be the last lady to wear it proudly on my ring finger too.

The same goes for dresses, I've never seen my mums dress as she didn't keep it and there are very few photographs of my parents wedding day, but it was a gorgeous floaty hippie 70's number that she wore with a huge floppy hat! My dress was pretty similar in style and if her's had been available to me I might have worn that (though she was so very tiny that it may not have fit!).

I adore the idea of wearing a dress with history for your wedding. The dress in these images by American photographer Tim Waters was worn first by Shannon's Grandmother, then her Mother, then her Aunt. All these ladies are still happily married and I like to think the start they had wearing this dress was a bit of a lucky charm.

Seeing these beautiful images has made me consider that maybe someone someday might like to wear the dress that I got married in. Be it my (as yet completely imaginary) daughter, niece or even a friend. It's made me realise that I need to take care of it so that it's an option in 20 odd years time. So what I'm saying really is take care of your dress if you're keeping it. Don't stick it in a suitcase in the attic (the moths will likely find a way in) research the best way to preserve it and store it depending on what fabric it's made from.

Clean it after your wedding as soon as you can (it took me a year to get around to doing mine!) stains set... Don't leave your dress exposed to sunlight, it can weaken fabric over time and it may well start to yellow. Get yourself some acid free tissue paper and an archive box (buy online) and pack it up the way that a museum would, treat it with care. Store it somewhere dry, ventilated and clean, the bottom of your wardrobe is fine. Don't put it in the basement as damp may make it moldy!

If you wore an heirloom dress to get married in I'd love to see photos especially if there are old photos of the original outing!


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