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Hi I'm Shelley, I live in Sheffield with my husband Paul and my Jack Russell Terrier Sparky. I'm a {wedding} photographer and artist by trade and as such am an avid reader of all things wedding. I got married in August 2013 with a teeny weeny budget.

The wedding industry, as I have come to see it as both an industry insider and a bride, has become a very expensive place indeed. In response to the madness that seems to drive otherwise sensible people to spend the equivalent of a deposit on a very nice 3 bedroom semi, I've set up Pretty Thrifty.

Pretty Thrifty is not just about making your own bunting and proclaiming yourself a DIY Bride extraordinaire (though bunting is very lovely). It's about counting to 10 and considering what is really important before handing over your Visa card; it's about saving money, not cutting corners; it's about being able to invite everyone you love to your wedding and having a great time without starting married life with mega debt.

Someone once told me that the more expensive the wedding was, the shorter the marriage is...
Now I don't necessarily think that's true but there is a little resonance in it.  After all, if I had the cash I'd happily splash. But if you're one of the trust-fund-less like me then this is the blog for you.

Here you will find inspiration and words of wisdom from real weddings, money saving tips and tricks, DIY tutorials galore and bargains to be had.

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