I love to receive submissions from photographers, brides, grooms, or any other wedding suppliers about amazing affordable weddings! No matter what your style, if you're a super thrifter in any way I'd love to hear from you. I'm always looking to feature....

Real weddings - {of the affordable & thrifty kind}
DIY tutorials - {from forging your own rings to arranging flowers}
That's what she said - {a brides musings on marriage}
That's what he said - {the grooms point of view}
Inspiration - {exciting, affordable vendors with amazing products}

I don't mind if your work has been blogged or featured elsewhere before, pretty is still pretty no matter how many times it's been shared!

I also accept non pro photographs, so if your wedding was snapped by you uncle or your best mate, that's fine by me (as long as the pictures aren't pants and you don't mind me giving 'em a little tweek here and there)

To submit a real wedding or feature please email me with 8-10 low resolution images and a brief outline of your/ their wedding or details of your article and I'll be in touch! {I aim to get back to all emails within 7 days but if I've not replied feel free to give me a nudge...}

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  1. Did my daughters wedding on a shoestring budget of £1500 dress from Ebay, £70 shoes (well Victorian type ankle boots) in the sale at £25 reduced from £125, tiara £ invitations and order of service I did those, friends arranged all the flowers in church cost for those £100 reception at another friends local hotel, cost nothing as it was his present to daughter and her new OH cars we had a freind who has several vintage cars, so he placed 3 at her disposal son in law bought his suit in a sale along with shoes shirt tie etc for £200 photographs were taken by everyone..........we gave them all dispoable cameras to record their take on the day result over 200 pictures that capture a very special day, as a professional wedding planner I am alway aware that people may not have huge budgets, but small budget weedings do not mean sacrificing all the lovely things you want to have, you jsut have to think outside the box, call in a few favours from friends who have talents, be it flower arranging baking catering and frankly sometimes hte weddings on small budgets are the happier affairs